At APPS, Health Safety Security and Environment is a key feature of our organisational culture. Borne from over 20 years of industrial construction on remote sites, our management and operational teams have a HSSE culture that can only be gained through consistent team building and a genuine care for our people.

Our leadership team is committed to an Incident and Injury free workplace and expect nothing more than zero harm to people, environment and property.

To achieve this we ensure our HSSE management system is maintained in line with industry best practice and top tier contracting know-how.

  • Constantly demonstrating our management’s commitment to HSSE
  • Constantly building on our organisation’s HSSE Culture and Maturity
  • Constantly developing and implementing world class Safety policies and procedures
  • Constantly challenging our HSSE plans, goals and TRIR

Our ultimate aim is to be an industry leader in safety performance and to achieve an incident and injury-free workplace, where nobody gets hurt and everyone goes home safe each night.